Welcome to footballleagueadmin, the new home of information and guidance about non-league football in England.

If you are involved in football between Steps 1 and 7b, if you’re a keen fan of your local non-league team, or even if you are a Premier League fan who’s become disillusioned with a world of football driven by money, we have all the information you need to know about the wonderful world of non-league football.

What makes non-league football so special?

It is difficult to offer a clear definition of what it is that makes non-league football so special. It means different things to different people, but there is no doubt that in recent years in particular, there has been a renaissance in the world of non-league football, and more and more people are taking an interest in what is going on outside the Football League.

A large part of the appeal can probably be put down to the modern trend for nostalgia. Non-league football offers world where fans mean more than being simple ‘revenue stream’. They are the heart of soul of the club, with many dedicating their own time and effort to help run things on match day, and often beyond.

Watching a non-league match can be like stepping back in time. At this level standing is the norm, and the majority of grounds are unsegregated, meaning you can stand where you like, when you like. This means you can stand with your mates, or go and chat to the old supporter who’s been coming here for thirty years, rather than being forced into a numbered seat in the midst of total strangers.

Price is another big factor. A far cry from the £1,000+ season tickets of the Premier League, entry to most non-league games will set you back maybe £5, or £10 at most if you are going to see a Step 1 team. Inside the ground you should also be able to buy a programme, pie, and a pint without having to take out a bank loan, and you can also enjoy all three while watching the game.

There is also the sense of community, both amongst fans, and within many of the clubs themselves. Many clubs are the heart and soul of their communities and any money taken at the gates is invested in youth teams, and community events. There are precious few non-league sides where the interests of the shareholders come first.

This site:

Here at we attempt to de-clutter and demystify the often complex and intimidating world of non-league, both for insiders and outsiders. Over time, the site will build into one of the most comprehensive depositories of information, guidance, facts and figures about the non-league at all levels in England.

Our initial tranche of information includes:

Inverting the Pyramid – our guide to the non-league pyramid, which explains using clear, easy to understand language how the complex structure that makes up the non-league game in England works, and how the various different leagues between Steps 1 & 7b feed into each other. We also clarify some of the terminology used, which can seem so alien to those not in the know.

A Brief Guide to the FA Vase – there are numerous cups available to teams throughout the non-league structure, but only two official FA Competitions – the FA Trophy (Brief Guide to follow soon) for clubs playing in Steps 1-4, and the FA Vase, for all clubs playing in Step 5 and below. We profile the one cup competitions than can offer your village team a route to Wembley.

National Non-League Day – A relatively new addition to the football calendar, but already a runaway success drawing support from across the footballing world and beyond as well as getting big numbers out on the terraces to watch their local non-league side. We take a look at how it works, and some of the unique ideas and marketing techniques it has spawned.

Focus on Step 7 – The first article in a series focusing in detail on each Step of the non-league pyramid. We take a look at the bottom rung of the National League System – Step 7, profiling the Peterborough and District League, where we find a thriving world of community football belying its lowly status and meagre crowds to provide an atmospheric and competitive community league.

Football Fixtures

For the league matches fixtures are all decided preseason and published on The FA and weekly football fixtures for all games in England and Scotland can be found on the UK Net Guide sports section here, including the FA Cup, Champions League games that are drawn as the season progresses.

There is a site for non league football followers with latest news that is worth checking out called Non League Daily, which you can find here.